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About Us

Our Introduction

Best Tailor Service in Johor Bahru

BS ADVANCE TAILOR – Founded in Johor Bahru (JB) in 2008. Adhering to the use of ergonomic tailoring technology to sew comfortable and modern custom-made clothing, customers can wear clothes that suit their body shape, as well as customer-satisfied after-sales service. BS ADVANCE TAILOR specializes in customizing and contracting a variety of clothing such as suits, trousers, shirts, police uniforms, to immigration uniforms, customs uniforms, hotel uniforms, company business clothes, sealed Datuk suits, etc.

BS ADVANCE TAILOR has advanced sewing machines, professional sewing personnel, skilled tailors, smooth operation process, and has a set of simple and accurate tailoring technology. We welcome customer and all tailors who want to cooperate with us to pay us a visit.

There are many kinds of clothes to be sewn, and each kind of clothes has its troubles and problems in making. For example, in the case of suits, in the past, a suit had to be customized. After the size was measured, customers had to go back and forth to the clothing store to try on and correct it before they could sew a suit. This process wastes a lot of time for customers and prolongs the delivery time.


Innovative Measurement Method

Revolutionizing Tailoring with the 'Suit Measurement Method'

Since its inception, BS ADVANCE TAILOR has been aware of the various problems faced by traditional custom-made suits. In order to be able to solve it effectively, the company has adopted a tailor-made method that has been unanimously recognized and commonly used by foreign clothing industry for many years, that is, the "suit measurement method". The "suit measurement method" is a method for measuring the body shape of a suit sewn according to the standard ergonomic body shape. The same suit can measure customers of different shapes. This method can not only help customers to measure more quickly and accurately, but also saves customers from arranging multiple door-to-door try-ons, and shortens the long waiting period and delivery period. The "set measurement method" can not only reduce the sense of inappropriateness caused by cutting or sewing, but also immediately observe the body changes of different customers and different body shapes, so that modifications can be made when drawing, reducing customer repetition the number of round trips. It is recognized as the most reliable and feasible tailor-made method so far.

Commitment of us

Our Innovations and Dedication

BS ADVANCE TAILOR did not hesitate to spend a lot of money, bought many expensive and advanced sewing machines, and even went abroad to learn and ask for advice from world-class tailors, and constantly improved the sewing technology and quality of various garments to meet the needs of customers. Let customers feel the dedication and hard work of BS ADVANCE TAILOR in the pursuit of customized clothing, and make the final product perfect. In the past ten years since its inception, BS ADVANCE TAILOR has developed an effective and win-win business model for those tailors who cooperate in the contracting business. We hope that from now on, this simple and easy-to-replicate model can drive local tailors to attract more young generations and lead the tailoring industry in Malaysia to another peak.