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BS ADVANCE TAILOR – Founded in Johor Bahru (JB) in 2008. Adhering to the use of ergonomic tailoring technology to sew comfortable and modern custom-made clothing, customers can wear clothes that suit their body shape, as well as customer-satisfied after-sales service. BS ADVANCE TAILOR specializes in customizing and contracting a variety of clothing such as suits, trousers, shirts, police uniforms, to immigration uniforms, customs uniforms, hotel uniforms, company business clothes, sealed Datuk suits, etc.

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Indulge in our gallery of suit, where every stitch weaves a tale of craftsmanship and sophistication, bringing your distinct fashion dreams to life.



Safari Jacket

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Craft modern, comfortable custom clothing using cutting-edge ergonomic techniques.

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Swift and accurate measurements, minimizing adjustments and wait times.

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A decade of dedication, top-tier equipment, and world-class learning for exceptional garments.

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Join our successful model, shaping Malaysian tailoring's future and inspiring the next generation.

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COMPANY HOLIDAY from 8th February to 18th February |

We are Celebrating Chinese New Year.
 01 Feb 2024
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